Wine Rack Groupings 

 All of our wine racks can be grouped together to match your space requirements or to your bottle capacity.


The wine racks shown below is just a small sample of the groupings that can be arrange to make your wine rack unique. 

To contact me. Fill out the contact request form and provide me with your dimensions and a photo of the intended area.  The bottle capacity is also very helpful in our designs.

I offer designs in good faith and that you are truly looking to purchase wine racking from us. If your intent is solely to be provided designs ideas and plans, I would appreciate your honesty regarding this. 


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337 Bottle Lattice Style Wine Rack Combination


200 Bottle Storage Bin Style Combination          

             Wall Hugger Style Wine Rack  Grouping

                                 Espresso Stain 


          Wine Rack Combination

Bin, Cube, Storage Style with Accents 

              Clear Coat Finish 


      Bin and Storage Rack Combination 


Lattice, Cube, Bin, 

     Storage Rack Combination


Lattice, Cube, Bin, and Storage

  Wine Rack Combination

   Medium Brown Stain

Lattice, Cube, Bin, 

     Storage Rack Combination


220 Bottle Storage Combination


  288 Bottle Wine Rack Combination



     330 Bottle Cube Lattice Style Combination Wine Rack    


        234 Bottle Storage Rack Combination


        297 Bottle Storage Grouping Style

                      9 Bottle Display