Storage Style Wine Racks 

   Our storage style racks off a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Individually or in groupings we can custom fit to your area or bottle capacity.

Designed for strength and appearance these are not your typical flimsy wine racks. 

Our wine racks can be adjusted to accommodate larger size bottles. Adding a counter top, base/shoe, and finishes are optional. For basic storage, many of our customers opt for the entry level storage style without any our options.

 The price below does not include shipping.  Shipping is based on the size of the wine rack and destination. Shipping can range between $25.00 to $85.00  Contact me for the exact amount.  We ship only domestically. We do delivery fully assembled racks. We also encourage pick up.

Shipped wine rack requires assembly. Assembly is quick and easy requiring just a screw driver. No nailing.

Submit a contact request and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  If you select a wine rack for purchase, I will return an order statement listing any options for your review prior to payment.

Payment: We accept credit cards, check, and Paypal,   


                  Contact Request  



    Standard Base on all Storage Style Racks 


    Upgrade to Raised Base and Shoe 


        77 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack


                       Sanded Pine


              50 1/2" x 34" x 12 1/2"


       154 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack

            (2) 77B11W7H Grouping

                      Sanded Pine


              50 1/2" x  67" x 12 1/2"


     220 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack

              (3) 77B11W7H Grouping                               Sanded Pine


              50 1/2" x 102" x 12 1/2"



                Winemaker Wine Rack               

      110 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack


                  Priced @  $265.00  


                Winemaker Wine Rack             

      220 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack

        Combination   $515.00  

Thanks, Dan.  I assembled them this weekend, and they're great.

Testimonial: "I needed large wine racks to organize my inventory of homemade wine.  The options I found were disappointing until I recalled Dan's ad in WineMaker.  The perfect solution. Reasonably priced wine racks shipped to your door that are a breeze to assemble and crafted from sturdy, real wood.  I highly recommend. -Craig N"

      35 Bottle Storage Style 


             Sanded Pine         


        25" x 32" x 12 14"



      45 Bottle Storage Style 


          Clear Coat Finish


        25" x 40" x 12 1/4"




            103 Bottle Storage Style

                  8 Magnums


            Light Brown Stain

            Priced @  $450.00

         59 1/4" x 36" x 12 1/4" 



40B5W8H 4.jpg

      40 Bottle Storage Style 


          Sanded Pine                                   $160.00

        25" x 36" x 12 1/4"




           40 Bottle Storage Style 


            Medium Brown Stain   


          24 3/4" x 36" x 12 1/4"



            81 Bottle Storage Style


           Sanded Pine Material


          41" x 39" x 12 1/4" 



            135 Bottle Storage Style

           63B9W7H & 72B8W8H                              Sanded Pine                                           $385.00

              43" x 68" x 12 1/4" 



      150 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack

                     Espresso Stain

                 Raised Base & Shoe

                   Crown Moulding

                  Priced @  $700.00  


      165 Bottle Storage Style Wine Rack

                  Light Brown Stain

                 Raised Base & Shoe

                   Crown Moulding

                  Priced @  $725.00